Our Story

All art has an emotional component...my goal is to capture a scene, thing, place, expression, and elicit emotion... from myself, from my friends, my fellow artists, from anyone willing to give my art a first or second look.

My camera and my computer are the tools I use to communicate my art...

3Butterflies Photography came from an overwhelming urge for artistic expression.  It is the hope of the artist, Sharin Gabl, that you understand the vision and enjoy the beauty of each finished product, from the simple photographs of flowers to the inspirations she has created by adding affirmations and poems to some of her photographs.  She is proud to share her work with anyone who appreciates photography as an art form.

Sharin has had a passion for photography since she was a young girl growing up in Chicago. She began to concentrate on, and hone her skills in the late 90's, and now actively produces and has entered her photos in art shows such as The 4th Friday event in Harvard Illinois and various online sites and contests, including ViewBug and FineArt America, Pixoto,  and Pixels.

Sharin recently relocated from her hometown of Chicago to Nashville, Music City, Tennessee, where she hopes to share her art with the community of like-minded artists and continue to develop her photography skills and artistic flair.